Glasses Warranty Policy

At Kneisley Eye Care we offer a one year warranty to each patient that purchases a new pair of glasses. This warranty is a courtesy that we offer at no additional cost to the patient. The lenses are able to be replaced one time in the year after purchase and that year starts from the day that we notify you that your glasses are ready. If the lens warranty is to be used we need both lenses to be able to return them and switch them for the new pair.

The frame is also warrantied for that year and can be replaced for manufacturers defects. If a temple falls off, paint chips off, or if a part snaps off the frame, it can be replaced. However, all parts of the frame must be returned in order for the warranty to be applied. Also, if your glasses break, please refrain from attempting to repair them with glue or any type of adhesive as this will void the warranty.

There are some exceptions to our warranty. We do not replace lost or stolen glasses. We will be sure to try and find an option for replacement but a warranty cannot be used. We also cannot replace glasses that have been destroyed by a pet. If there are teeth marks on the glasses then manufacturers will not accept them.

Our warranty is extended as a courtesy and we do not charge our patients to use it, however the decision to replace any part of the glasses is ultimately up to our office. We are always here to answer your questions if you are ever in need of a repair or your glasses become broken. Please, do not hesitate to call our office with any questions. We will always let you know what your options are for repairs and replacements as necessary.

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